Kindergarten Readiness/Thrive

Ambleside Adirondacks finds that preparing your child for kindergarten is more than teaching numbers, shapes, or even how to get on with one another. It’s also about introducing them to the joy that living and exploring fosters in us. The joy expressed by Robert Louis Stevenson when he wrote: “The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings!

Parent Feedback

Thank you so much for taking time out of your summer to help (our daughter) become more comfortable with this new experience. She’s going to love Ambleside Adirondacks Preschool just like (her brother)!
– K.P.

We are so grateful for the nurturing, caring and creative environment that you have at preschool. (Our daughter) thrives with structure and wakes up in the morning announcing what day (she thinks!) preschool is. She is that excited about going.
– Lisa Janicke

Just wanted to let you all know that my mom (and Layla) had a wonderful time at Grandparents day today! She told me she is always so impressed with the school and thinks you teachers do a wonderful job!
– Jessica Brunell

Kindergarten kids at Ambleside

Frequently Asked Questions About the Kindergarten Readiness/Thrive Program

Why have you chosen a Kindergarten readiness approach: Our 20 years of experience have shown us that by the time a child has reached the age of 4, they are emotionally and socially capable of interacting socially with one another within a learning environment. Kindergarten teachers report that the development they seek in their young learners is not academic, but in the character of the child: Can they independently engage and give attention for 10 minutes at a time; does the child respond peacefully to authority; can they attune to their classmates? At Ambleside, our gentle approach of supporting student growth through the intentional development of habit encourages and fosters these essential characteristics in the young learner.

How does Ambleside preschool prepare children for academic success: Young children have an insatiable desire to know. Our curriculum nourishes and meets this hunger in children. Our books are rich with ideas and full of beautiful language. Children engage with ideas through verbal expression as well as ongoing projects which are process, not product, oriented. All students in every Ambleside classroom narrate. For a more dynamic understanding of the role that narration plays in learning at Ambleside, please see the FAQs of the elementary school. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to view the preschool.

How does Ambleside accommodate free play: The great outdoors is our playground. Our playground equipment often sits unused while children roll logs, dig in the sand, explore the woods, or race in the grass. The scenarios and stories of their own making are brought to life. Our playtime is integrated, and co-operation is common.

How is Ambleside an integrated school community: All of the school’s children enjoy assembly, chapel, playtime, and meals together. Older students are given opportunity to serve in the younger classrooms. All students and teachers are held to the same high standards of relationship as seen in the person and character of Jesus Christ.

What guidelines do you have in hiring teachers? Teachers who read regularly, enjoy ideas, and are willing to adapt to our challenging approach thrive at Ambleside. In addition to an undergrad degree, teachers must be creative and thoughtful learners who hold broad interests and educational knowledge. Readiness teachers delight in children and are joyful, energetic, flexible, and are able to develop a sense of “home” within the classroom and within the classroom atmosphere. They understand and practice the art of masterly inactivity. All teachers at Ambleside School Adirondacks enjoy the support and mentorship of Ambleside Schools International.

What are your school days: Our Kindergarten Readiness program is a Monday-Friday program. Our calendar runs concurrent with Ambleside School, from the first Wednesday after Labor Day until the middle of June. Each Wednesday is a required uniform day.  Please contact the office for more information or email [email protected]

Call and make an appointment to visit with your child. Our number is (518) 744-5320. You can also email us at [email protected]. Thrive and Kindergarten Readiness forms can be found on our admissions page. We thank you for your interest!