ASA Part-Time

Bringing the best of home and school to homeschooling families of Warren, Washington, and Saratoga counties.

Ambleside School of the Adirondacks (ASA) desires to support the work of local homeschooling families who are using Charlotte Mason’s approach.

To this end, ASA invites homeschool families to partner with the school in offering an education marked by the exploration of living ideas, the formation of character through habit, the rigor of practice, a live-giving atmosphere that respects the personhood of children, and more through the study of living books and skill based instruction. Monday through Friday, from 8:30-12:30, children will enjoy rich discussion around Bible, Literature, and Science, as well as engage in the rigors of Math, Spelling, Reading, Grammar, Phonics, Transcription and Dictation in lovely, home-like classrooms, facilitated by teachers trained and mentored by Ambleside Schools International in the use of the Charlotte’s method.

The afternoon work at home includes Artist Study, Poetry, and Composer Study, Art, Nature Study, Handwork,—all of the subjects that brought you to CM in the first place (and that all too often get left by the wayside as the essentials take priority). We will supply lists resources and conduct a training to aid you in teaching the afternoon work at home.

Students have the option of participating in field studies, school events (Veteran’s Day, Christmas, and Shakespeare) as well as skiing lessons. The school will conduct exams and provide reports of growth each semester. Families are responsible for filing all of the paperwork required in NYS as a homeschooling family.

Price is inclusive $4100 for the first child, with discounted pricing for each additional child.

Variable tuition may be available.