Ambleside School of the Adirondacks

About Ambleside School

Ambleside school students

Ambleside Adirondacks is an independent school that opens up worlds of interest and opportunity for children. In an atmosphere that supports learning and positive habit formation, children engage with rich texts full of ideas to ponder and to be inspired by. Whether the captivating idea is found in a pattern of numbers or poetic imagery, children embrace living ideas that satisfy their need to know. Without the pressure of performance, the will of the child is strengthened to do work that is meaningful and satisfying. You may find that Ambleside School of the Adirondacks offers the kind of independent school education you’ve been hoping for your child. Families located in Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, Queensbury, Corinth, Wilton, Lake George and other area communities in Upstate NY are invited to come visit and find out what Ambleside is all about!

The people themselves begin to understand and to clamour for an education which shall qualify their children for life rather than for earning a living. As a matter of fact, it is the man who has read and thought on many subjects who is, with the necessary training, the most capable in handling tools, drawing plans, or keeping books. The more of a person we succeed in making a child, the better will he both fulfill his own life and serve society.
~ Charlotte Mason, A Philosophy of Education

Visit the Talk 1450 WWSC website to listen to a radio interview with Amanda Blanton of the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce, Jeanne Petteys (Director of Ambleside School of the Adirondacks), Jessica Trzaskos and Jenna Brooks (both teachers at the school).